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Promote Your Business with Sign and Team Sponsorship

Select your sign, and buy years of exposure or select team sponsorship
and have your company name on a team jersey. Please purchase one at a time.

Please email Ty Edwards tyedwards1113@gmail.com for questions.

Pay with PayPal or Check

Purchase a Sign

You are purchasing a sign for the term indicated. It includes production, installation, and maintenance. Payment can be made with PayPal or check.

Location Size Term Price Selection
Bleacher Sign 4x16 3 Years $2500
Scoreboard Sign 8x4 3 Years $4650
Field 1 3x8 2 Years $650
Field 5 3x8 2 Years $650
Field 3 9x8 2 Years $1600
Field 3 4x17 2 Years $1600
Field 3 9x16 2 Years $2350
Field 4 9x8 2 Years $1250
Field 4 4x17 2 Years $1250
Field 4 9x16 2 Years $2000

Purchase Cup Sponsorship

Cups are in one color only. Payment can be made with PayPal or check.

Description Qty Price Selection
12 Oz Cups 1500 $750
20 Oz Cups 1500 $750

Sponsor a Team

You are purchasing jersey branding for one year. Payment can be made with PayPal or check. We will make an effort to match you with your preferred team.

Division Term Price Selection
T-Ball 1 Year $500
Girls Machine Pitch 1 Year $500
Girls Minors 1 Year $500
Girls Majors 1 Year $500
Girls Juniors 1 Year $500
Boys Machine Pitch 1 Year $500
Boys Minors 1 Year $500
Boys Majors 1 Year $1000
Boys Juniors 1 Year $1000

Web Sponsorship

You are purchasing web sponsorship for one year. Payment can be made with PayPal or check.

Advert Type Term Price Selection
Web Link URL 1 Year $100
Web Graphic JPG 1 Year $500

Misc Sponsorship or Payment

Specify the amount and purpose on the next screen.

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