Spring Registration Has Ended

Spring 2017 Flyer   Spring 2017 Registration Form (pdf)

In person registration was January 8th and on the 15th
at the “Crow’s Nest” at the AHLL fields (at 50 Alamo Heights Blvd.) from 1pm to 4pm.

Out of District?
For players who do not live in the AHLL district, but attend the Alamo Heights School District please provide the School Enrollment Form

Player Age
Player age is governed by the Little League – for Spring 2017, we use the 2017 age chart. See below for charts and an age calculator.

See the current divisions and uniforms on the Age Divisions page.

New To AHLL (did not play the previous Spring)?
If you are new to AHLL, you must register in person and bring an original birth certificate as well as three proof-of-address (utility bill, drives lic, property tax, …) required to verify your address. It’s a Little League requirement.

AHLL Boundary map  (pdf)

The player age determination has gotten more complicated. See the age charts and calculator below to determine girls and boys player age.